Thursday, August 4, 2011

France/Ranska here I come!

Hi guys, today I am going home. I will fly this afternoon to France and spend some time there to see my family and my friends. I will try to keep up with the DIYs when I am there but I think that I won't be too active until end of this week (time to visit everyone and give big hugs around :)
Concerning the DIYs, I am thinking about trying to make a 'tutu' and one laces short for example. Let's see what I will come up with!
I guess I will also enjoy my time in France to show you little bit more of my region. Usually people come to France to visit Paris and the South (Riviera) but the other parts are bit abandoned. And I come from the North-East part of France: la Lorraine so I will try to show you the good things to do if you come around there. I am really close to Alsace where my parents are from. From there it is so easy to visit Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy for example!
I also can't wait to show my nose in 'patisserie' and 'boulangerie' :) This I miss very very very much!
Anyway, I will talk to you later. Enjoy your Summer! Hope the good weather stays in Helsinki!

Ooh France, I missed you and I am going home!!!

Sacre-Coeur, Paris

Jardins Albert Kahn, Paris

Colmar, Alsace

Kaysersberg, Alsace

Route des Vins, Alsace

Cuisses de grenouilles (Frogs :)

Tarte flambée (not the original one, little bit re-visited)

Bonjour bonjour. Juste une petite note pour vous dire que je rentre chez moi cette apres-midi. Je prends mon avion très bientôt et je vais rendre visite a ma famille et mes amis en France. En bref, je vais surement être un peu absente des DIYs en cette fin de semaine mais je vous promets de m'y remettre très vite! Je prévois de faire un tutu et aussi un short en dentelle par exemple. On verra bien ce qui ressort de tout ça! Je pense que je vais aussi profiter de mon séjour pour montrer un peu la France en photos a mes amis Finlandais. Il est vrai qu'en général, les touristes se retrouvent a Paris ou dans le Sud, mais les autres régions se font un peu abandonner. Je vais donc essayer de remédier a cela, et donner envie aux Finlandais de venir visiter le Nord-Est de la France (Lorraine, Alsace, etc).
Je vous souhaite a tous un très bon été, et un très bon mois d'aout! Profitez en bien et a bientôt!


  1. Thanks a lot! Have you ever been to France Claire? To Paris or other regions? Cheers.