Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wedding outfit 2/5

Hi guys, I just came back from Kauhava where we were attending the second wedding of the Summer (3 more coming up ...). We had nice time and enjoyed the spa hotel very much! I knew the weather would be sunny, so once again I went for a 'light' outfit. As my dress was very simple, I decided to add the hat to look little 'fancier'! You have already seen the hat because I have it on my profile picture but I'm absolutely crazy about it. It is a Kirsi Nisonen hat, who is a Finnish designer and I would advise anyone to check on her creations! I also had orange nail polish (everyone has understood that pink/orange are the colors of this Summer), which also allowed me to match my boyfriend's orange tie)
Let me know what you think about it!

Gina Tricot Dress
Kirsi Nisonen Hat
Mango shoes
H&M black ring + bracelets
Swatch ring (gold)
Seppälä blazer
Monki clutch
OPI orange nailpolish

Fr: Hello hello, je reviens seulement d'un mariage qui a eu lieu a Kauhava, prés de Seinajoki (milieu de la Finlande, cote Ouest). C'était le second mariage de l'été, trois de plus a venir!
Pour ce mariage comme pour le premier, je savais qu'il allait faire chaud, voire très chaud (oui il peut faire chaud en Finlande, et beaucoup plus chaud qu'en France en ce moment parait-il) donc j'ai misé sur un ensemble assez léger. Ma robe était très simple donc j'ai décidé de forcer un peu plus sur les accessoires, avec mon chapeau notamment!
Qu'est ce que vous en pensez?  


  1. lovely outfit... following ur blog. plz follow back

  2. Beautiful outfit.....

  3. Amazing look.. :)
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  4. Thanks Claire. I'll follow you too. I have been already checking your blog! Thanks for following mine and glad to see you liked that look. Cheers and talk to you very soon!

  5. Queila and Mery thanks a lot! Sorry for the late reply, I have been home to France so I forgot a little bit my blog! But now I'm back on track! And there will be more DIY and outfits coming. Hope you will like them. Ps guys, I will follow you! Have a great day and talk to you soon! Cheers and greetings from Finland!